Seafood & Maritime Training


Seafood Training Tasmania is a not-for-profit registered training organisation and is managed by a board whose members represent the sectors of the Tasmanian seafood industry.
Most of STT’s training is conducted at its Hobart Training Centre at Salamanca, however courses are also offered each year in St Helens, Smithton and Strahan.

Training Courses

  • Coxswain Deck
    This course is for people requiring a commercial licence to skipper a commercial fishing, trading or passenger vessel up to 12 meters in length. This course forms the core of all Coxswain Certificates of Competency (CoC) and is designed for people who have experience in vessel operations.

  • Coxswain Engineering (Diesel)
    This course is for people who hold a Coxswain Restricted CoC and wish to operate a diesel-powered commercial vessel up to 12 metres in length in Tasmanian waters.

  • Coxswain Navigation
    This course is for people who hold a Coxswain Restricted CoC and wish to operate a commercial vessel in Tasmanian waters up to 3 nautical miles to seaward and up to 30 nautical miles along the coast from the point of departure (known as 3 x 30 limits).

  • Deck Machinery & Lifting Appliances
    This course is for people requiring the basic knowledge and skills to operate deck machinery and lifting appliances that are commonly used on a typical fish farm vessel.
    NOTE: This course is not recommended for operators of vessel-mounted cranes that exceed a 10 ton 1 metre capacity.

  • Elements of Shipboard Safety
    Successful completion of this course is a Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) requirement for anyone who works or wishes to work as a skipper, general crew or a deckhand on a commercial coastal vessel. Completion of this course is also a MAST requirement for anyone who wishes to apply for a Coxswain Certificate of Competency (CoC).

  • First Aid
    This course is for people requiring a first aid qualification equivalent to Workplace Level 2 First Aid or Senior First Aid.

  • Forklift
    This course is for people seeking the knowledge and skills required to apply for a licence to drive a forklift truck. In order to enrol in this course participants must be at least 18 years of age. A current drivers licence is required to operate a forklift on a public roaad or public property.

  • Long Range Operators Certificate of Proficiency (Marine Radio)

  • Marine Engine Driver 3
    This course is required for people who wish to operate machinery on vessels less than 500kw-propulsion power as a Chief Engineer in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in operations up to offshore limits (within 200nm) or as a Second Engineer on a vessel with propulsion power < 750kw- in operations up to restricted offshore operations (within 30nm)

  • Master <24m NC (M5)
    This qualification is for people who require a commercial licence to skipper fishing or trading vessel up to 24 metres in length within 200 nautical miles from the coast or act as Watchkeeper or Chief Mate on larger vessels.

  • Master <35m NC (M4)

  • Wader Safety
    This course is for people who use waders in the workplace. It incudes the following - hazards in Tasmanian aquatic environments and factors that contribute to aquatic emergency situations; effects and treatment of cold water immersion; safe wading techniques; personal survival techniques; and rescue priorities and techniques.